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fit . eat . repeat

Sport tracker

The Challenge 

My Vision

Provide the user with custom built training programs, diverse diet recommendations, and an easy way to log key health factors.

Challenge friends and take classes to make sure you stay engaged and active.

Our fast paced living makes it hard to track our activities, and even harder to monitor the effects on our health and adjust our diet and workout accordingly.

User Journey

The user starts with providing personal information that is needed to build a customized plan.

From here the app acts as a hub to all of the users health activities and wellness. 

The home screen welcomes the user with a daily quote and features a quick access to workouts, activity logs, and personalized recommendations.

Following challenges, progress and health factors are all done with a visual interface that makes the information clear and accessible. 


App Map

The Design

A white background with darker large buttons makes the app easily usable in outdoor conditions.

A turquoise color scheme was selected to promote focus, calmness and motivation. 




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