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NDE Collection

Jewelry and accessory wholesaler 

The Challenge 

My Vision

Create a single design line between all business related items and products. Modernize the website and simplify the flow for users. Making the process of ordering faster and efficient. 

Create a unified appearance across social media, trade shows and exhibitions.

An established business with a variety of costumers across different ages and store types (museums, boutiques, gifts stores, clothing etc.). The existing website, marketing and branded items were all designed by different people in different times with no coherency.

The website was out dated and complicated.  

User Journey

The user starts at the home page where the new lines and special announcements are highlighted. 

The catalogs, about and contact pages are available through a top menu for simple navigation. 

Site map

Artboard – 1.jpg

The Design

Using light pastel colors that will complement 

different lines that the business carries.




05-02-2020 last chance to RSVP HIGH.jpg
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